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Victoria Wilder

Peaks of Color - Signed

Peaks of Color - Signed

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Hot. Arrogant.Talented.

Jack Deacon’s reputation arrived in my small town before he did.

Leave it up to one of my brothers to hire the biggest photographer in sports and then misread the contract.

Now, the six-foot-sexy, dripping with confidence notorious bachelor is staying in my pool house, calling me beautiful instead of boss, invading my workplace, my personal space…and my thoughts.

In Strutt’s Peak, the mountains are our playground, and we provide the entertainment. When your last name is Riggs, you’re royalty here and that makes me the princess who runs this show. Don’t let that title fool you though, I’ve worked hard and earned my place at the boys’ table.

All it takes to unravel everything I’ve been so focused on is a revealing photoshoot and a ride on a gondola.

It turns out that I’m weak for blue eyes and a set of dimples. More than weak, I’m falling head over high heels for him.

But when family secrets unfold and careers take on a new trajectory, everything falls out of focus. Why did we ever start when it was always meant to end? How do I get over someone I never had any business falling under in the first place?

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