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Victoria Wilder

Hide and Peak - Signed

Hide and Peak - Signed

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Alluring. Sexy. Liar.

The newest stranger in Strutt's Peak has a mouth as loud and captivating as the bright tattoos drawn all over her body. But she's no stranger to me. Because I’ve met her.

I’ve kissed her lips.
And I'm the only one who knows her secret.
She’s supposed to be dead.

Now, I hide the truth and keep her safe. Pretend we never met. Try to forget I ever touched her. Ignore that she’s always around. She's my sister's best friend now, but before that, I wanted her to be mine.

My family runs one of the country's most successful winter sports brands, making me high-profile, a target for small-town gossip, and national recognition. All of it, dangerous for her.

The stakes are too high. I know the rules. So why can't I follow them? How am I supposed to stay away from her when all I wanted to do was find her? How can I hide her and keep her safe when what I really want is to make her mine?

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