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Victoria Wilder

A Peak Performance - Signed

A Peak Performance - Signed

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Beautiful. Infuriating. Enemy.

I’m not the hero. I’m the fun one. The easygoing, youngest Riggs brother who makes people laugh. I’m a good time. Men want to be me. Women just want me.

Except one.
My new boss.
My neighbor.
My competition.
And now, the woman I’ve just publicly claimed to love.

Contessa Costa crashed into my small town and took the job at my family’s company. One that’s supposed to be mine.

She’s not the kind of woman who needs rescuing, but when I witnessed the way our biggest competitor, and her ex-husband, talked to her and then touched her, I didn’t have another choice.

Now I’m stuck trying to keep up appearances of this “relationship” for a marketing campaign that might be a career-ending gamble. And to prove to my father that I’m the committed and capable choice for CEO. But our lies are starting to feel better than our truth.

Now I’m trying to decide if what I want is worth fighting for or if I’d rather just be fighting with her. How do you outsmart your enemy when you’ve stupidly fallen in love with her?

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